About Graham Sheen

Born in 1982 in Corby, Northamptonshire. I am currently living in Corby with my daughter. I find this helps me to keep active, creative and never in the same place, as anyone with children will know it keeps you busy. Each day is different and I believe this reflects in my artwork.

I have been painting since 1999 and found early enjoyment when using acrylic on canvas. Through time I started to use other materials in my work including pins, plastics, wood, denim and any other material that comes to hand. Taking inspiration from artists such as Phillip Sutton, Jackson Pollock and Dilorenzo my work has no rules. I have moved in to the world of abstract art, have created woodcuts and other exciting pieces.

This year has been exciting with my work being placed in Ripley’s, being a finalist in 2 different Corby Awards categories, having a full page editorial in Corby Extra and having this exhibition. Busy times!!!

Whether it’s everyday knick-knacks, pebbles from the beach, denim, pens, pallets or pins, I have amassed a vast array of items that have been turned into mind-blowing creations. I was intrigued by how these items could bring a picture to life and add a wow factor to my work.